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One Man Two Guvnors

In November we are presenting the hilarious One man, Two Guvnors by Richard Bean.

Based on Goldoni's Commedia Dell'Arte play The Servant of Two Masters, the play is set in Brighton in the 1960s and follows the hapless Francis Henshall who has managed to get himself employed by two men - Roscoe Crabbe, a local gangster, and Stanley Stubbers, an upper class criminal. Except that Roscoe is actually Rachel, Roscoe's twin sister, in disguise, her brother having been killed by her lover - none other than Stanley Stubbers. As Francis struggles to prevent his employers finding out he is also working for their bitter enemies events get more and more chaotic. Can Francis get on top of things or is he doomed to failure?

The recent auditions were well attended giving director Jacqui Brown plenty of choice, even for a play with a cast of at least 15. We have a couple of new faces in the cast, a few that are 'quite new' and a whole bunch of more established members. Kris Knox-Crichton is taking on the position of stage manager and will hopefully find it as easy to fill the backstage roles as Jacqui found it to choose her cast (not that we are suggesting it was an easy task, especially as it meant letting a number of people down).

Our Last Production


The Final TestThe Final Test

Our last production The Final Test by Chris Paling was very well received judging by comments from audience members as they left. In the central role of Peter, Sean Staines was as reliable as ever while his long-suffering wife, Ruth, was ably played by Amanda Bedwell. As the young couple whose lives are thrown into disarray by the squatter in their new garden, Graeme Parrett and Stephanie Wilson presented a vision of what Peter and Ruth would have been like many years ago - and seeing what they could easily become.

Looking Ahead


We are currently considering plays for our 2017 season. We will be posting more details here in the autumn.

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