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Relatively Speaking In November we will be presenting Alan Ayckbourn's early West End hit, Relatively Speaking. With a cast of just two men and two women, this cleverly constructed comedy heaps chaos on confusion. It all starts simply enough as a young woman, Ginny, seeks to elude her partner, Greg, to finally break up with an older lover and retrieve some incriminationg letters by saying she is going to visit her parents. But Greg has his supsicions and decides to follow Ginny. He manages to arrive first and, assuming the couple are Ginny's parents, sets in motion a roller-coaster of mistaken identities.

The production has now been cast and rehearsals will be starting shortly. Tickets are already on sale and can be bought through the Box Office page or in person from the Visitor Information Centre at Witham Town Hall (open Monday - Friday, 9.00am - 4.30pm).

Our Last Production


Bazaar and Rummage

Our recent production of Sue Townsend's Bazaar and Rummage proved to be popular with those who came to see it, with many very favourable comments reaching our ears. Making her debut as a director was Kris Knox-Crichton who guided her all-female cast to a most successful conclusion.

Bazaar and RummageBazaar and RummageBazaar and Rummage

  Carolyn Horsfield & Tracy Skingley     Amanda Bedwell & Angie Jones          Lucy Parret & Anne Dyster

With many very funny moments the cast, nonetheless, managed to portray the more serious side of a group of women coming to terms with their past and how it has had an impact on their lives. Even the apparently easy-going and confident Fliss, played by Lucy Parrett, is shown to have skeletons in her cupboard.

A special mention for the backstage crew of Jacqui Brown, Kristina Fleuty and Lauren Northfield who assembled a most convincing collection of second-hand clothes, books, toys and bric-a-brac!

Looking Ahead


We are currently putting together our programme for next year and will post details here shorty.

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